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The meanings of the words you come across when ordering on our site;

G Fit: Standard Fit
H Fit: Wide Fit
K Fit: Extra Wide Fit

Technologies which we use in producing our shoes,

AIRSYSTEM: Feet say let me breathe; Forelli feels many shoes have very low breathability, this is because the pores of the leather and materials used are closed intentionally or unintentionally.
In products with Vapor transmission feature, the hot air and moisture formed in the shoe are thrown out at every step thanks to the air pump placed on the heel and the check valve on the sole. At the same time, the moisture-free air required for the foot reaches your foot thanks to the skin and materials that can breathe. Thus, the necessary air circulation is provided for your health.
The breathing properties of all leather and materials used in Forelli vapor transmission shoes are tested and approved in Germany-based pfi laboratory and then put into production.

Fore Feel: Specially designed for long-term wearers, it is produced in a way that meets the needs of health and comfort. Fore Feel is a shoe sole system born from the meeting of health research and high technology. It relieves the fatigue of the feet and gives a feeling of comfort. The double spring mechanism applies a healthy and refreshing pressure to the sole of the foot. At the same time, it provides more comfortable movement with its flexible structure. It is therapeutic against swelling and fatigue.

Rubber Out Sole: It is obtained by mixing with natural rubber plastic materials. It provides comfortable pressing on the ground. It is heavier than poly sole. Other features are similar to poly base.

Neolite Out Sole: It is a base made by compressing rubber and hard plastic. Since it is hard, it has been tried to give the feature of leather. It has an unbreakable feature. It is not affected by temperature differences, although it is aesthetically beautiful, it makes the feet sweat because it is heavy. Since the base does not absorb moisture, it cannot prevent odor formation.

Thermo Rubber Out Sole: It is formed with a mixture of thermo rubber. It has the highest density and the most resistant to temperature.

PVC: It is a out sole which made of polyvinyl chloride. Different colors and brightness can be given with various finishing processes.

Thermo polyurethane: It consists of a combination of polyurethane and thermo rubber with a special injection system. It is lightweight and has non-slip properties.

Latex: Produced with natural rubber and latex. It is the sole with the highest elasticity and comfort.

Eva: The lowest density polyurethane is used. It is not heavy.

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