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Forelli 31687 Wool Man Black Leather Comfort Boot

Forelli 31687 Wool Man Black Leather Comfort Boot (MFRE316870417G0-81)

Discount Rate : %20 Discount
Price : $106.00
Discounted : $84.80
Vat included : $84.80


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Forelli Shoes Buying Process:

  • After buying our products, try both feet

  • The purchased product cannot be changed after wearing outside, for reasons such as being large / small or a difference in tone of the skin. Please decide by wearing at home before wearing outside.

  • Choose products that fit your foot structure, walking habits and intended use.

  • Please share any ideas and thoughts about our shoes with us on page https://www.forelli.com.tr/iletisim.aspx

Product Material
%100 Leather
Out Sole Material
Compact Polyurethane
Wide (H) Fit
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