Hallux Valgus is the deformity of the first toe outward and the first toe inward. The burlap (cushion) where the comb bone and the thumb joint is located is forced due to this shape change and becomes inflamed (swells). This is called bunion. The most important causes of Hallux Valgus are familial predisposition, tightness of muscles and joints, gout and arthritis

1. Level Halluks Valgus Foot
Curved thumb below 20 degrees. Various precautions can be taken while walking for early prevention

2. Level Halluks Valgus Foot
The inclined thumb between 20-30 degrees causes occasional pain and the quality of walking decreases. Day and night splint becomes more common

3. Level Halluks Valgus Foot
Inclined thumb between 30 and 50 degrees. Causes regular pain. It causes limitation in movements and must be seen by experts.

4. Level Halluks Valgus Foot
Hallux valgus is the most dangerous level. It is almost impossible to step on the foot, and bunion should be fixed and comfortable orthopedic shoes should be worn. Experts should be directed to the operation.

If your parents have someone with Hallux Valgus and you wear shoes with narrow toe and high heels, it is inevitable that you will have Hallux Valgus. To prevent this, you should choose shoes with wide toe and low heels.

Hallux Valgus, which can go up to the operation, the first step of the treatment changes the patient's choice of shoes. Especially in female patients pointed heel and narrow toe shoes should be prevented, we recommend you to prefer 2.5-3.5 cm heel . For Hallux series products made of soft material that can expand sufficiently.

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